David Gest Thursdays guest of Jayne Middlemiss on the Orange playlist.. Controversial outspoken funny In this preview of Davids show catch what he has to say on licking Amy Winehouse's toes, his relationship with Milandra Burrows and that Simon Cowell phone call...

On Amy Winehouse:
David I love that beehive she wears, I love her tattoos, I’d lick her toes! I’m in love with Amy Winehouse, I’d like to lick the inside of her hair, you’d probably find kfc stuck in it! She is absolutely the cats miaow! I’d even lick that tooth that’s missing by sticking my tongue in between the gap and everyone knows I’ve got a good tongue.
On his shape and image
David I was one big fat f**k, with those man boobs
Jayne When it comes to image you’ve talked about procedures you’ve had...
David That’s all old news, I’m not going there, I’ve never been as happy as now and I did plastic surgery in 1981 or so, Michael Jackson went through it, I was unhappy and I thought if I look good.. that’s it really, it’s old news. It’s like Liza, I wish her well but, great talent, we had our differences not a great marriage, it’s over. You put the past behind you and you go to the positive. The positive is there are so many good things happening now, a great tour, I’m really excited about this tour coming up, I’ve got a great band. I’m finishing my own series and I’m starting a new series after this and I’m working with some great people, I’m really really happy.
On Milandra Burrows
Jayne Do you see this getting serious with Milandra? Do you see yourself getting married?
David More than long-term? .. absolutely,
Jayne Do you think you’d like to have kids in the future?
David I hope so but I’d better do it quick if I’m going to be 54 next week that means I’m going to be 74 when they are 20! And I’ll be dead by the time they have their kids.
Jayne Would you have them with Milandra?
David No with a Chinese girl with herpes that I found down the street! What a question!
Jayne How has Milandra changed your life?
David She can cook, Roast Chicken. She can make a mean roast chicken, that skin is so crispy and juicy inside!
On Matt Willis and Liam Gallagher
Jayne Is it true you’re going to be best man at Matt Willis’ wedding?
David Yes, Matt’s my little bud, and he’s marrying a wonderful girl, they’re going to be a great couple. He’s a great talent, I love his music, his solo stuff, he’s got a big career ahead of him!
My best friends here are Matt Willis and James Bourne who were both in Busted but they busted up because the other guy, the never see him and Jason who I met in the jungle, and then a lot of cool musicians like Liam Gallagher who watches Grease every week and I was having drinks the other night, it was Holly Willoby, Martine McCutcheon and Liam’s wife... Nicole Appleton drinking at the Met bar, name drop!! And she told me they want to play Sandy and Danny and I want to get them in to do it, could you see it!!....
On Simon Cowell
Jayne You said you had a phone call from Simon Cowell, why?
David He said I saw you in the jungle and I became a fan, you weren’t what I expected.... I’d read these things but now I think you’re incredible and I think we could be friends and would you join me for tea? So he and two friends got together and they offered me two shows, I was already doing This Is David Gest – the documentary series. I said I’d do Grease is the Word but not Britain’s Got Talent because I was already working 7 days, so he found a new series for me recently. He likes what I do, he likes my comedy, he’s so supportive, such a great guy, I really like him, he’s a great human being and has offered me a lot of work and I really appreciate it!
On growing up and music
David My real name wasn’t David but Hoppy and they changed it, that’s true.
Jayne So you started earning money at 7, what were you doing?
David Music has always been my life, I have a record collection of about 20,000 LPs and 40-45,000/100,000 CDs, I love music and I love every type of music from Rock n Roll and heavy metal to RnB which is my favourite to kind of country and western to Chinese marches for girls who have herpes which is not real collectable but a few of them.... Yeah I do a lot for Chinese girls with herpes, right now though, so many people since I’ve been in the jungle have helped Chinese girls with herpes, who I go on tour with, I go on tour September 19th starting in Europe and it’s the David Gest Show, its called ‘David Unzipped and X-Rated’, wonder why!? And its with the Chinese girls with herpes, the sluts, 8 sluts they’ve slept with everybody, every position...www.chinesegirlswithherpes.org

On his career
Jayne So how did you get your first job in music?
David I’ll never forget there was this chick in the classical department, she was a f**king nutcase, she always had her nose up in the air she’d never look whenever I said ‘hello baby’ .... One day I had a hot sup of coffee and she never looked but up, she had these huge tits.... So what happened was I had the hot coffee and I ran into her and it spilled all over her breasts and she was burned, she never spoke to me again. They rushed her to the hospital.

David Gest appears on the Orange Playlists Thursday 2nd August

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