You were the carrier of the Olympic torch, how did it feel to be asked to do that?

It’s a real privilege to be asked to do that, really really good.

How did it come about?

Well because obviously they’re encouraging youngsters to start gearing up for 2012 when the Olympics are in London and I’m sort of connected to the youth and also it’s a multi-cultural event and my origins are from Bangladesh so I think those key messages were what spurred them to get me involved and on board.

Did you expect such a negative reaction from Human Rights groups?

Well I don’t think the reactions to me but I think the reaction is, and quite rightly so, trying to make a stand point just to raise awareness of the situation with China and Tibet which is fair enough. When you have such a big world platform and lots of eyes watching then it’s a good voice for people to speak out on issues they feel are important to them.

When the person came out how did you feel? Were you scared?

Do you know what it was over in seconds. It was over so quickly that almost blink and you miss it. Then the whole media flurry went off with the torch on the next leg and I was just left there dazed and confused thinking ‘did I just dream that or did that really happen?!’ It was surreal!

We ask everyone we interview to come up with a question for the next person we interview....and Jon from the Fratellis wants to know what your favourite type of cheese is?

I do love leerdammer which is nice and Emmental’s quite nice. But then I do love Feta and Halloumi. What’s John from the Fratellis favourite?

Blue cheese, he says it’s good for a hangover. So could you come up with a question for the next person?

When did some one last see you naked and why?

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison and Jessica Watson

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