For diamond precision every time, think AnySharp. This knife sharpener has the capabilities to restore the bluntest of knifes back to their full working abilities. So, whether you are slicing meat, dicing vegetable or carving the Sunday Roast, be sure to have the AnySharp by your side to avoid any struggles in the kitchen.



But who said sharping a knife had to be left to the professionals? With The AnySharp you have all the tools to become an expert yourself, with no training required. Once fixed to any smooth work top surface using the PowerGrip suction, you can sharpen you knifes easily and safely. It couldn’t be any easier! It can sharpen all types of blade, even your serrated knifes, is there anything the AnySharp can’t do? With the AnySharp you can be reassured to get that perfect edge! For on point precision, gently draw the blade through the tungsten carbide sharpening edge 3 – 4 times at the pre-set angle of 20 degrees. Within just a few seconds the process is complete and you’re ready to begin your culinary magic in the kitchen once again.

In just days, this nifty little kitchen gadget pays for itself as you get more life out of your old knifes, meaning there’s no need to invest in a new knife each time one goes blunt. You’ll be left wondering how you ever managed without it. With a compact and lightweight design, measuring at just 60mm x 60mm, you can simply tidy away your AnySharp, as it’s small enough to fit in any cupboard or draw ready for the next cooking crisis. There is no need for any more unnecessary clutter in the kitchen.

Giving you all the superb benefits of a regular knife sharpener, the safety advantages, and having to avoid what was once a specialist skill. The AnySharp really is a cut above the rest, executed with a premium and high-quality edge unlike no other. Choose from the option of two different colours to suit your kitchen from the subtle and simple silver, or the stylish, more vibrant blue. Anyone can get great results with the AnySharp, with no experience in the craft of knife sharpening.

The AnySharp is available online from Amazon for £14.99

For your chance to win- just answer the following question: 

How many degrees is the preset angle at?

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