Following the post-summer return to school and work, spending ‘quality’ time together as a family is harder than ever to achieve according to Bassetts Vitamins, who recently announced the findings of their Family Life Report, revealing that families now spend less than seven hours of quality time together per week and 10% don’t spend any time together at all.

Bassetts Vitamins Limited Edition Rainbow-Filled Colour Quest Pack

Bassetts Vitamins Limited Edition Rainbow-Filled Colour Quest Pack

The study of 2,000 UK parents not only highlights the importance of quality family time for both parents and children but also the key barriers, solutions and what parents and children can stand to learn from each other. The findings of the study have informed an expert report, The Bassetts Vitamins Purple Paper; penned by child development expert Dr Richard Woolfson with support from family nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed.  The paper examines the challenges contemporary family life poses to quality family time on a regular basis, how to overcome the challenges and the role everyday nutrition plays in an active, colourful life.

At this point at the end of the summer it’s not unusual to breathe a sigh of relief that the rainy daytrips, traffic jams and frayed tempers are soon to be over. But, if you’re also feeling nostalgic about the flashes of sunshine, daily laughter and ‘help’ in the kitchen, then you’re certainly not alone. And, as the research by Bassetts Vitamins highlights, trying to squeeze in those all-important windows of family time is harder than ever, especially when the term-time routine returns. With schedules - be they to support work, school or hobbies - forever needing to be juggled and enabled it can all feel a bit hectic.

In fact, as a result over half of UK parents (59%) consider watching TV together as quality time and 33% consider talking in the car together as spending quality time as a family. The research also identified regional differences in preferred moments of shared time; three quarters (77%) of families in the East Midlands and South West consider dinner time discussions their favourites, nearly 8/10 (79%) Welsh families prefer to game together and nearly three quarters (73%) of families in the North West enjoy visiting attractions.

Family time gives us the feels

What’s more, when families do get to spend quality time together, the benefits are significant. Two thirds of UK parents say that it makes them feel both happier (61%) and more relaxed (40%), and they also noticed the remarkable impact that spending quality time together has on their children.

Mums and dads from across the country reported that their children appeared to be more loving (42%), slept better (29%), had better appetites (15%) and more energy (20%).

Not only do parents notice the benefits of precious shared moments, they have also found that within these moments their children have taught them meaningful life lessons. UK parents found that under 5’s are most likely to teach them how to laugh every day whilst 11-17 year old’s are most likely to teach you how to not fear new challenges (48%).

The top 10 life lessons, across parents of all surveyed age-groups include:

  1. How to laugh everyday (63%)
  2. You can find the joy in small things (59%)
  3. Things don’t always have to be done in the same way (52%)
  4. Not to fear new challenges (45%)
  5. It’s easy to be nice (45%)
  6. Every day is a fresh start (43%)
  7. Try not to care what others think (37%)
  8. Friendships should be nurtured (35%)
  9. Persistence pays off (30%)
  10. Bumps and bruises are a badge of honour (27%)

Bassett Vitamins, proud supporters of family like with more colour, recently announced the findings of their Family Life Survey, which highlighted the importance of quality family time and just how hard it can be to squeeze it in.

So, to help transform you and your children’s daily routines into moments of shared connection, Bassetts Vitamins has created some limited edition rainbow-filled Colour Quest packs, full of big and small, bright and bold ideas to make the everyday full of fun!

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