Boost Oxygen Beauty has been shown to help fight signs of ageing, as well as reduce stress, oxygenate the skin and boost cell renewal. 

Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen 

Boost Oxygen allows you take control of what you breathe, offering a blast of 95% pure Oxygen right when you need it most, all from a handy portable can. An array of aromas help to create a product everyone has a use for. If you love sport, but want a faster recovery and enhanced performance, try the Peppermint aroma. Take three-to-five inhalations before an event to prevent muscle fatigue and cramping, three-to five during any rest periods to help you reach peak performance and three-to five after sport to speed up recovery. This allows you to stay on top of your game in a natural, safe way. Boost Oxygen also offers many beauty and wellness benefits from the Pink Grapefruit and Menthol-Eucalyptus aromas. Boost Oxygen Beauty has been shown to help fight signs of ageing, as well as reduce stress, oxygenate the skin and boost cell renewal. Just two-to-three inhalations will enhance mental alertness, boost your immune system and leave you feeling revitalized, perfect for the day ahead! Boost Oxygen can also help with hangovers, if you experience oxygen deficiency as result of alcohol, this product acts as a fast, effective remedy. Inhale the Natural or Eucalyptus aroma before you start drinking, then follow up with three-to-five inhalations the morning after. Symptoms should lesson, while Boost Oxygen starts to relive mental fatigue and rejuvenates the body. The organic aromatherapy fragrances have been added to enhance the experience and process of Oxygen absorption, leaving you feeling and looking your best. A resting adult breathes around 7-8 litres of air a minute and only 14% of that air is oxygen. Boost Oxygen provides 95%-98% pure oxygen, giving an instant lift in the most natural way possible. Take a can of Boost Oxygen with you wherever you go and make each day easier. You can purchase a 4oz can (50 inhalations) for £10.50 or 22oz can (50 inhalations) for £17.99. Available in-store at Fenwick or online at BoostOxygen.Life 

For your chance to win, just answer one simple question:

Boost Oxygen deliver how much pure oxygen? 

A: 95%

B: 85% 

C: 75%

D: 96% 

Closing Date : 12th June 2017

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Lorraine, Carmarthenshire

laura, lancs

Michael, Lancashire

Matthew, Kent

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