As a leader in producing camouflaged devices for recording sounds from surrounding, Esonic are back with the Esonic CAM-U7; a fantastic new device that allows businesswomen and men to discreetly record their meetings without hassle. Looking like any other regular USB flash drive, this recording device has an incredible working time of two to ten hours, and an external memory of up to 128GB.

Would you like to win the incredible device?

Would you like to win the incredible device?

Using a miniature camera lens mounted on a swivel head, the USB disguised recording device can record in both horizontal and vertical position, with 90-degree rotation. An accessory clip makes it easier than ever, allowing it to be attached to a variety of objects, including jacket pockets, trousers and more.

Two operating modes are made available – one that allows continuous recording until the device is turned off, runs out of memory or battery, with a new file saved every 10 minutes. The second sees the device work for 10 minutes once activated, for shorter, time-restricted meetings. Both operating modes can be accessed with a single click of a button, allowing ease.

The built-in microphone included is very sensitive, enabling sound recording in the camcorder’s vicinity. In most rooms, the device can intercept conversations up to seven metres away.

Files recorded by the Esonic CAM-U7 can be quickly accessed by using a card reader, or directly after connecting it to a USB port on a PC or laptop. All files are saved in AVI format to removable microSD/SDHC memory cards, allowing them to be played by any regular multimedia player. Each file can also be stamped with a current date and time, allowing quick analysis of recordings and making it more reliable for any evidence that may need to be curated.

But how do you power something so small, yet so powerful? There are a number of different options available. A built-in efficient Li-Poly 320 mAh rechargeable battery which lasts for two hours in continuous recording mode, and up to four hours in motion activated recording mode is included. There’s also a slot for a 3 x AAA battery pack, which can prolong battery life for up to five hours while recording and ten hours in standby. Finally, the device can also be connected to an external power source in motion detection mode, making it possible to record for prolonged periods of time. The miniature camcorder can be connected to a PC’s USB port, or power adapter.

To celebrate the release of this incredible device, we’re giving one away to one of our lucky readers! All you have to do to be in with a shot is answer the following question and fill out the form below:

Which company makes the CAM-U7 miniature audio-video camcorder?

A) Bosch

B) Esonic

C) Hi-fi

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