How much chocolate will you indulge in over Easter?

Easter break can add half a kilo of fat

Will your Easter indulgence leave you feeling fatter and bloated? Health...
Eating junk food could be making you lazy

Junk food makes you lazy

New research indicates that junk food makes you lazy and can even affect your...
Ensure you have a healthy stomach with this clinic

Digestive health clinic

Dr Pixie McKenna discusses the causes, myths and ins and outs of bloating and...
Eating foods high in fat can increase your breast cancer risk

High fat diet increases breast cancer risk

New research shows that a diet high in fat can increase your risk of the most...
Gluten is a type of protein found in cereals, certain grains, and wheat.

Top Gluten Free Foods

A gluten free diet has a number of health and lifestyle benefits. For some it is...
Tea could help with artery health

Drinking tea could reduce stiffness of arteries

New research reveals that drinking tea daily could help reduce the stiffness of...
Are you eating too much salt?

Salt still a cause for concern in our diet

New research shows that despite wanting to watch our salt levels we're still...
Will more fruit mean too much sugar?

Will the 7-a-day affect our sugar intake?

Will a new study suggesting we should be eating more fruit and vegetables, will...
Two nutritionists share their opinion on the new guidelines

Expert tips and opinions on the new guidelines for fruit and vegetables

Two nutritionists share their opinions and tips for the new...

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