When you dream of espresso, perhaps it's because you're doing something faster than everyone else. 

We find out what it means to dream about an espresso

We find out what it means to dream about an espresso

You might see yourself as being streets ahead of your family, friends and colleagues right now and it feels good to be so successful. Why is it so important to you to compare yourself to others? Do you need to focus on your own life rather than seeing how it stacks up against someone else's?

You may be someone who likes to stay ahead of the game and are always thinking about the next step. Are you missing out on the here and now by adopting this attitude?

If you were craving espresso in your dream, it's possible that you're frustrated at not being able to move forward in life faster. You may feel like you're losing out because you're lagging behind. Perhaps your path is a little different to the other people in your life and you just need more time to reach your goals. 

Another interpretation is that you are going through an extreme in your waking life- an intense negative or positive experience- but rest assured- it probably won't be forever. It is likely to be a short, sharp burst of activity and then things will calm down and go back to normal again. You may just need to ride it out until it's over. 

Perhaps you are craving some change or adventure in your waking life if you have let your days stay at a constant for a while now.

You may feel like you are lacking in energy for a current or upcoming project and are looking for ways to give yourself the boost you need to begin or complete it.

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