Seeing or eating ice cream in a dream generally has positive connotations of joy, childhood and happy moments in life. Perhaps you are happy with the small things in life- like an ice cream. Maybe you don't need grand gestures to make you content and appreciate the little things more readily.

We find out what it means to dream about ice cream

We find out what it means to dream about ice cream

It could also refer to the impermanence of everything in life and that you count your blessings regularly because you know that nothing is forever. Or perhaps it's a reminder that you need to savour moments in your life rather than letting them pass you by.

It's possible that you are trying to remain cool in a situation in your waking life right now when you might be feeling the opposite inside. Or you may need to cool off if a situation is getting out of control and you can feel your anger bubbling.

If the ice cream was sour, maybe you are dealing with a betrayal from someone right now or something has taken a turn for the worst.

If the ice cream was melting in your dream it's possible that you have not realised your hopes and dreams yet or haven't attempted to fulfil them.

If the ice cream truck pulled away and you didn't get to buy one in your cream perhaps you feel you have missed out on an opportunity in your waking life.

Finally, if you were eating ice cream in your dream you may feel like your life lacks sweetness at present.