When you get a package in your dream it's symbolic of an experience that you have not yet explored. You may not know the potential of the gift you've received until you explore it some more. Maybe you are seeking out new resources to help you with a task?

What does it mean to dream about a package

What does it mean to dream about a package

If the parcel was not what you ordered or it was actually not for you- it could be that you doubt your own ability to do something or many things. If it was empty, this can indicate a recent loss or the expectation of one.

When you send out a parcel in a dream, you may be trying to send out your energy or some good vibes to someone else in your waking life. Perhaps you are fulfilling your promises at present or doing what is expected of you may work or at home.

It possible you are trying to get rid of old patterns of behaviours and habits- your emotional baggage and start afresh. Or you may be trying to offload your feelings or responsibilities onto someone else rather than dealing with them.

Or perhaps you suspect that surprises are on their way, a secret is about to be revealed or you want a new beginning.

If you received a package in your dream, then maybe you are acknowledging an area of your life that you have previously denied or ignored.

More negatively, you might be dreading having to handle something new in your life- you may have realised that what's on its way is not as pleasant as you initially thought it would be.

Another interpretation is that a package may mean you have some creativity, energy or skill that you haven't tapped into yet and reached your fulfil potential.

Source: www.edreaminterpretation.org



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