If you saw a huge Thanksgiving feast in your dream, were cooking or serving a turkey, it's possible that you will have more money and a better life in the near future- you may enter into a period of prosperity soon.

We find out what it means to dream about a turkey

We find out what it means to dream about a turkey

Thanksgiving turkey can also represent feelings of togetherness and family, so if you were focused on eating the turkey rather than your family; it's possible you are putting something before them.

Turkey also represents a time of giving, so maybe you are being too generous and giving to others who don't appreciate it and would not do the same for you.

If you were preparing a turkey to cook in your dream- it's possible that all the hard work you're putting in during your working hours will eventually pay off.

If you were eating a turkey, perhaps you are in need of some comfort if you have been hurt or embarrassed lately.

If you were hunting and killing a turkey, then maybe you will do well and acquire riches, but you will do so dishonestly and sneakily.

If you were trying to catch or contain a turkey, perhaps you are trying to take control over things in your waking life.

A flying turkey symbolises a rise to a higher position in your career.

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