Dreaming of a TV represents the uncensored thoughts that naturally flow through your head. The dream is a reflection of how you are receiving processing your own ideas and thoughts. The programme is representative of your objective view of what's happening in your mind and your world. You are trying to take a more rounded view of your life and consider other people and other things around you rather than just from your perspective.

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

Maybe something has happened recently to bring things into focus for you and opened your eyes to the wider picture and those who are in it?

If the TV show you were watching was in your reality in the dream, then perhaps you are trying to avoid a responsibility.

Have you put something off that you really need to be getting on with? Or do you feel you have a duty to do something that you really don't want to or aren't ready for?

Others argue that a television is representative of your active imagination and when making any decisions, you imagine what the different outcomes could be. This may in itself have halted your progress because there may be many scenarios you've imagined along the way, not all of which are good.

Seeing a television also could imply that you are good at communicating a situation as it appears to you- to other people. You are generally clear and concise when you try to tell someone how you are feeling or how you see a situation.

Perhaps you had a disagreement with your partner, friend or family member that day and handed the resolution part really well? Or maybe you had talked to someone in depth about your feelings and they were able to understand your feelings by the way you conveyed them?

Source: The A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace


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