Hi Lucy,

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

Why did I meet Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith in my dream?

Hi Greg,

When you dream of a celebrity, the person is generally irrelevant it's more about the talents you place value on, which they may embody.

Perhaps you admire them as a couple, or as individuals, perhaps you admire their job- try to explore what it might be about their talents or relationship that draws you to them. You may have the same sort of talents or relationships status or you may wish to.

Celebrities can also signify a personal need for recognition- maybe you crave recognition in your work and want your efforts to be celebrated in your particular field of expertise.

Have they been in the media a lot lately? Or have you been thinking about them? Reading about them? It's possible that this interest or awareness of them has filtered through into your dreams because they have been on your mind.

Another interpretation is that you feel envious of someone in your waking life right now. If you feel inadequate around them or indeed most other people, then you might need to be a bit more lenient and allow yourself to celebrate other people's successes rather than seeing it as a means of outshining you.



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