Hi Lucy,

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

In my dream, my husband and I were looking to adopt two dogs- a black and a white one. We took them out for the day but we decided not to take them home in the end because we didn't have the time to spend with them because of work…

Hi Monica,

A dog or dogs in a dream is generally a sign of protection- the dream could be acting as a reminder to you that you need to protect something or someone in your life more so than you are now.

If the dogs were friendly, it might indicate someone is looking out for you. A dog can also be a sign of faith and companionship, so perhaps as well as feeling protected, this person also offers you these things too.

If you saw a domesticated dog, it's arguable this denotes happiness. If you feel reassured of this person's protection, faith and companionship every day then this may bring you great happiness.

The dream might also imply that you have good values and intentions that will help you to progress in life- such as generosity, loyalty and fidelity- all of which we associate with such an animal. Especially if you were kind towards the dogs in your dream.

When you are buying or adopting a dog, it can mean that you yearn for more companionship in your life. Perhaps this is the one thing your partner lacks? Or you feel you need to feel this more from them?

The fact that you gave the dogs back in the dream may be your subconscious telling you to do what is appropriate for you rather than what you think others would approve of.

It can also indicate you have rejected a friendship that has come your way lately. If you felt guilty or bad at taking the dogs back then perhaps you think you made the wrong choice by pushing this person away.

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