Dreaming about needing to go is generally a sign that you need to relieve yourself both emotionally and psychologically.

What does it mean to dream of seeing or needing the toilet?

What does it mean to dream of seeing or needing the toilet?

You may be dealing with a bad situation at work or at home and it is making you stressed out.

If the toilet you were looking for was outside of your home, then it might indicate that you are dealing with problems unrelated to your home life- so at work, with family, friends or with society in general.

If you were struggling to find a bathroom when you needed to, it could be that you feel you can't reveal your true self or feelings to others and feel the need to hold it all in.

Or it simply could be your body trying to wake you up because you need the bathroom.

If there was no door on the stall, this can be related to feelings of lack of privacy. Perhaps you feel that someone has an unhealthy interest in your private life and you want to protect things that go on behind closed doors.

If you were concerned to go to the toilet in front of the people, it suggests that you are afraid of what others think and are self-conscious when it comes to your body and your life.

If the bathroom was dirty, you may be dealing with toxic people in your life or you could be finding it hard to eliminate the issues in your waking life.

If the toilet was both dirty and full, it could be your subconscious warning you that an outburst is near as you are becoming overwhelmed with all of the stresses in your life.

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