What does it mean?

What does it mean?

Hi Lucy,

I was rowing a boat in my dream as part of a race on a fast river- what does it mean?

Hi Mike,

Boats are often indicative of movement, motivation or momentum. Rowing a boat can appear to be an easy task, but in fact, it's difficult and so it's perhaps a reflection of your determination to succeed through hard work if you found it a physically demanding exercise.

If you were on a fast river, perhaps you are simply going with the flow right now or feel that you are being rushed into something by someone and moving faster than you'd like to go.

It all depends on how you were feeling in the dream- if you were grateful to be helped along by the water- perhaps you are finding life quite easy right now and the people around you are supporting you and helping you to succeed and move forward.

If you were also part of a race, maybe you feel like you need to beat someone else to the finish line at present. Are you competing with someone for a job? Or is there some competition happening within your family unit? It could be that you feel they've achieved more than you and you're playing catch up. Try to assess if this pressure is actually from an external force or simply an unnecessary pressure you're putting on yourself.

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