What does it mean?

What does it mean?

Hi Lucy,

I had a dream that my sister died- what does it mean?

Hi Liza,

One thought process is that something is missing in your waking life- a quality or aspect you would like to have but currently don't. It's possible that your sister possesses a quality you yearn for. What is it that you see in her as being special?

It all depends how you reacted in the dream- if you were upset- this could mean that you need to think twice before expressing your emotions in front of this person as it may be upsetting them or indeed other people close to you.

Another interpretation is that you feel a disconnect from your sister. Perhaps it's time to spend more time with her because she needs your support right now or to build any bridges if the reason for your distance is due to a fall out. Or perhaps you have severed all contact with your sister lately? Maybe she no longer has a part to play in your life and don't want to see her again. If you are dreaming about her- it could mean that you regret your decision to part ways.

It might have nothing to do with your sister but symbolic of something that has ended abruptly in your life- a job or a relationship for instance. It's also possible that your life has evolved or changed lately rather than a part of it ending. It may be a more organic process.

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