What does it mean?

What does it mean?

Hi Lucy,

I got a pay rise in my dream and it seemed far too much- what does it mean?

Hi Joyce,

To dream about a rise in your salary means that you will come up with good ideas either at work or at home. It's possible you are about to excel at your work or in your relationship.

Perhaps you feel like you are due a reward at work- this may not in the form or money but could be recognition from your boss that you're doing a good job. You may feel like you're performing well at work and it's not being acknowledged by those senior to you.

Another interpretation is that because it was 'too much' perhaps you are anticipating your friends or family being overbearing in times of hardship or maybe they are already.

One point of view is; a pay rise signifies that your family will be proud of you and your job or are now.

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