Hi Lucy,

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

I had a dream that I was getting ready for my wedding (I'm already married)- my dress didn't fit, the hairdresser didn't show and my make-up was all wrong.

Hi Leoni,

Getting married is primarily about change, so it is said that new beginnings are needed in your life if you dream about things going wrong on your wedding day.

If the run up to the wedding didn't make you comfortable or you felt unable to get married because of the things that weren't going to plan, then perhaps you need a fresh start.

It can also be symbolic of the depth of your emotions. You may envisage something else going wrong in a situation that is looming and you feel conflicted as to whether to go ahead with it or not. Maybe you overthink things or let yourself become emotional over things that haven't happened yet.

If the wedding ended in disaster then maybe there is some negativity in your life that you need to address. Perhaps you have some anxiety or fear over something in your waking life at present and need to find a way to ease it.

Despite the things that were going wrong- if you were marrying your current husband then it can also be an indication of marital bliss and happiness with the one you're with. Even though you didn't look exactly as you wanted- maybe this is symbolic of how they still love you despite the imperfections you see in yourself.

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