1. by Zaike 02nd Jan 2008 04:55

    Andre Benjamin seems like a sensible enough guy (and a hell of an MC at to boot) that I would trust him to give his kid a gun and not have it end in a tragic volley of gun-fire. What a horrible article!

  2. by armed@times 05th Jan 2008 07:23

    Ride on, Andre! You are a man with an even temperament. And I totally get your point. But how do you intend to avoid security checks? Do you have a license from any city or state? I onc... Read More

  3. by Rich Robb 20th Sep 2008 22:56

    "I would want my son to get a gun when he gets older. It's just something you've got to have if you want to live and be safe."

    Look what having a gun around the house did for Marvin... Read More

  4. by Trae 08th Oct 2008 06:03

    As Andre is in Atlanta Georgia, it is very easy to obtain a concealed weapons permit here, although you only need a permit to carry it on your person, you may carry it in your car or ha... Read More

  5. by Zila 14th Dec 2008 21:46

    Wow to carry a gun???

    whoa do we all need to then feel the need to be at war with the world and carry one?

    fine have a gun but NO ONE should sell you any bullets


  6. by Kung Fu 01st Apr 2009 22:22

    hell yeah!!! no one's going to protect you but you and if you dont think thats true why dont you where gang colors when you go into the getto? You would if you had a gun