Angelina Jolie bought son Maddox a dagger

Angelina Jolie bought son Maddox a dagger

Angelina Jolie has already bought her eldest son his first knife - because she thinks it's important he learns about the dangers and benefits of daggers.The actress, a longtime knife collector, was 11 when her mother took her weapon shopping for the first time - and she recently treated adopted son Maddox to his first dagger.But she insists her son's first knife was dulled for safety and came with a serious talk about violence.Jolie tells the November issue of W magazine, "We take him to a special shop."We also talk about Samurais and the idea about defending someone as good. We talk about everything."

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  1. by Edel 13th Oct 2008 04:26

    I have no problem with it, my auntie owns a sword shop I work there at times, it’s awesome I mean Jolie is not that stupid to give a kid a knife and not teach him anything about, its ... Read More

  2. by ChrisSakes 13th Oct 2008 05:46

    Assuming this is not a butter knife, why would you give a child a knife? Self protection? What sort of message does that send? A gun has to be loaded but a knife is always "loaded"

  3. by Gillian McCullagh 14th Oct 2008 13:32

    If you carry a knife, then you intend to use it.

    By giving her six year old a knife he has the ability to kill someone.

    Her children should be taken off her.