Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

I can't imagine Universal doing that, but that could be very interesting

The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder has dismissed rumors he's in line for the lead role in the movie adaptation of erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey alongside Nina Dobrev.

The pair, who play love interests on the hit supernatural drama, are a couple in real life, and industry reports suggest they are in the running to play kinky lovers Anastasia Steele and businessman Christian Gray in the big screen take on EL James' phenomenally successful book.

However, Somerhalder has shot down the rumors, insisting bosses at Universal - the movie studio behind the movie - are sure to steer clear of a TV couple.

He tells U.S. show Extra: "I can't imagine Universal doing that, but that could be very interesting."

And his girlfriend insists that playing Somerhalder's lover in a movie adaptation of the book would be a bad casting decision, adding: "I think if we were both in Fifty Shades Of Grey, people would still see us as (our Vampire Diaries characters) Elena and Damon."

  1. by joanne pitt 19th Jul 2012 07:29

    Okay just cast Ian there is no one else suitable for the role as Christian I won't even see it if it is not him! .....I agree that his girlfriend should not play Ana cause that would b... Read More

  2. by FRANCES WOODWARD 19th Jul 2012 07:41

    We want Ian as Christian and someone else as Ana!

  3. by Eva 19th Jul 2012 14:32

    Hi. I definitely think Ian should play the lead role. I couldn't think of a better actor (in every way for all reasons!) to play a better Christian. He has attitude, he is breathtakingl... Read More

  4. by indiana girl 19th Jul 2012 14:44

    I think Ben Barnes would be perfect to play Christian, He was brilliant in the remake of Dorian Gray. Lilly Collins would be perfect for the part of Ana.

  5. by Germaine 19th Jul 2012 23:01

    Ian should definitely play Christian, he's so hot! Fair enough he doesn't have grey eyes or the copper hair, but his presence alone would suffice to the sexiness and business, strong mi... Read More

  6. by Laura Marshall 20th Jul 2012 15:27

    I think David Giuntoli from Grimm should play CG!

  7. by Marina Brown 20th Jul 2012 18:53

    I have been raving to my friends since i started book 1, that the only person to do justice to Christians part is Ian Somerhalder.

  8. by avi 23rd Jul 2012 20:22

    i love ian and he is perfect for the role. i cud nt imagine any one than ian potraying chriastian grey. He is so sexy, while reading the book i had only ian in my mind. i would love to see him in the movie.

  9. by Cam 09th Sep 2012 18:36

    Let it be Ian! Please. He fits the part so well. And I think Emilia Clarke should be Ms. Steele :)