ASHLEY OLSEN AND JARED LETO DATING?Teen star ASHLEY OLSEN is reportedly dating eligible Hollywood bachelor JARED LETO.The pair have been spotted together in New York - where Olsen is a student at New York University.A source tells magazine Us Weekly, the 19-year-old TV and movie star is "like a giddy schoolgirl who has a new man".Olsen recently split from restaurant owner SCOTT SARTIANO. After splitting from longterm love CAMERON DIAZ in 2003, Leto has been linked with a number of women including SCARLETT JOHANSSON.

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  1. by kan 15th Mar 2008 02:23

    i think they look good as a couple but Ashley is too young because he is like 36 years old.

  2. by gemma 15th Apr 2008 15:53

    i think he is too old for her and they like different thing i mean he is like a rock god and she is just a scene girl and they r so different thats wat i find anoying bout it