London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympics

Richard E. Grant is looking for talented Britons to help create a fitting film to launch the London 2012 Olympics.

The Dracula star has joined forces with chef Heston Blumenthal and artist Tracey Emin to seek out talented people as part of the British Airways Great Britons Programme.

Grant has been asked to find a script writer that will have the duty of writing a short film that will be premiered at the opening of the 2012 games.

After the games, the short film will be shown on all British Airways flights.

Grant tells Britain's OK! TV, "This is an incredible opportunity that BA have set out. They've got Heston Blumenthal creating a menu for the people on BA and I've been asked to find a script writer, to make a short film that will be shown on all BA flights next year and in the pre-ceremony opening for the Olympics, so it's an incredible platform to flush out and find new talent."

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