Hayek Thanks Prince For Jewellery Return.... Salma Hayek has a real-life Prince Charming to thank for returning pricey jewellery to her when it ended up on the back seat of a taxi cab.The pretty Latina picked out $50,000 (£27,800)-worth of rented jewellery to show off at a recent New York benefit and her assistant left it in a taxi.Fortunately for the actress, Lorenzo Borghese - the royal star of new US reality series The Bachelor: Rome - was the next person to hail the cab.Lucky Hayek says, "I just took something really simple and they took the rest and the poor girl that brought me the jewellery left it in a taxi."The guy that's like the prince in The Bachelor gets in the cab right after that girl, somewhere random in New York and sees an envelope that says 'Salma Hayek'."He called (TV network) Abc and said, 'I think Salma Hayek just lost $50,000 worth of jewellery,' and they gave it back. Isn't that fantastic?"Hunky Borghese, who is related to historical French leader Napoleon Bonaparte, has an Italian title, passed down from his ancestors in the 1600s.

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