She said: "We shot a ménage à trois scene and the girl was really beautiful and hot, this amazing French actress and the ratings board made us take it out. I guess it was too hot."

  1. by 49shizold 21st Feb 2008 05:47

    no surprise there, she's never been very straight. She can't get a man coz men can't stand her! she's a bitch Btw, who gives a flying fuck what the bible says? That stupid book is for submissive dorks!

  2. by Anonymous 21st Feb 2008 20:24

    49shizold, I feel very sorry for you. You are obviously lost if you think the Bible is for us so-called "submissive dorks!" I will be praying for you because the Bible says to pray fo... Read More

  3. by boo 08th Sep 2008 00:17

    no such thing as bi-sexual..your either gay or your not