Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson

British comedian Jim Davidson was arrested on Wednesday (20Mar13) for the second time in three months as part of the ongoing sex abuse investigation surrounding late U.K. TV and radio star JIMMY SAVILE.

The 59 year old was initially taken into custody in London on 2 January (13) as part of Operation Yewtree, and was interviewed about offences reportedly unrelated to those levelled against ex-BBC presenter Savile.

Davidson, who "vigorously denied" any wrongdoing upon his release earlier this year (13), returned to a London police station on Wednesday, as required by his bail conditions, but found himself back under arrest and was "further arrested on suspicion of sexual offences", according to a Scotland Yard spokesperson.

He was subsequently released on bail again.

Another man, who had been busted alongside the funnyman two months ago, was also questioned and released on Wednesday.

Davidson is just one of a string of British celebrities to be quizzed under Operation Yewtree - British DJ Dave Lee Travis, publicist Max Clifford, comedian Freddie Starr and pop star Gary Glitter have all been arrested in recent months in connection to the Savile case.

Cops launched the wide-ranging probe into allegations of sex abuse by high-profile British stars following the unmasking of Savile as a serial paedophile following his death, aged 84, in 2011.