Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Actress Kelly Rutherford is "hanging on by a thread" financially as she continues to fight to win back custody of her two young children with her ex-husband.

The Gossip Girl star has been having to fly back and forth between her native U.S. and her kids' new base in France after a California judge ruled last August (12) that her six-year-old son Hermes and three-year-old daughter Helena could remain in Europe with their father, German businessman Daniel Giersch, following a 2012 summer break there.

hanging on by a thread financially as she continues to fight to win back custody of her two young children with her ex-husband

Rutherford reveals she has since made 40 trips across the Atlantic to spend time with her children, and claims the emotional toll the custody battle is having on the youngsters is painfully clear.

She tells U.S. talk show host Katie Couric, "The burdon has basically been put on me to go and see my children. I've had to fly 40 times to go and see them. I stay in a hotel; I see them, it's like a weird situation, you know, to be taken away from their friends and their family and everything they know... "They go from being completely emotionally shut down, just to survive it I think, to complete emotion and distraught...

I just tell them, 'Look, enjoy this time, enjoy this moment'.

I try to make it as if it's normal somehow, so that they can emotionally feel confident.

I say, 'Look, mummy's here.' I tell them, 'Enjoy this time with your dad now because this may change, we don't know.

Just enjoy it.'" The actress insists she still cannot understand why Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Teresa Beaudet would have sided with Giersch, especially as his visa to remain in the U.S. was revoked for reasons even Rutherford does not know. And the star, who has shot just one other project since Gossip Girl ended last year (12), admits the pricey flights, coupled with her legal fees, are costing her dear, but she refuses to consider moving to Europe to be close to her children "I feel like I'm always on a plane.

The stewardesses know me; they offer me tickets because they feel so bad...

But for me to move there (to France), it's almost like saying, 'I give up', so the judge is now deporting me and my two children because there's a man who the U.S. found unfit to be in our country? ...(Financially) I'm hanging on by a thread". Rutherford is now having to wait until September (13) for her next court hearing into the custody dispute.

  1. by Nurtured Parent 21st Apr 2013 18:44

    Both victimschr(226)chr(128)chr(153) rights advocates and survivors of domestic abuse hear about (and live) the horror of judicial misconduct day after day, but Kelly Rutherfordchr(226)chr(128)chr(153)s case is particularly alarming:

    1. A judge effectively deported two American citizen children to accommodate a man who has been kicked out of the US; and the reasons for his forced departure from the US are unclear, which raises serious concerns about the children's safety and well-being.

    2. The judge's ruling is unprecedented and goes against the weight of ALL legal authority.

    3. The judge forced two American children (3 and 5 years old) to live in France without their mother even though the children's own counsel recommended that they stay in the US with their mother.

    4. Kelly agreed to bring the children to visit their father frequently, but her offer was rejected.

    5. Requiring the children to live in France is particularly dangerous because France is not obligated to respect American Court orders which means France officials could modify the custody and visitation decision at any time, without recourse for Kelly or her children.

    Lack of oversight and accountability in Family court proceedings across the United States has led to continuous devastation for mothers and their children. We need to take a stand against injustice.

  2. by Denise Austin 23rd Apr 2013 00:36

    It is appalling the way the Judge has sent those babies to France away from their Mother who is their primary caretaker, and given to a man who was kicked out of America for reasons unk... Read More