New Heinz soup sachet

New Heinz soup sachet

Taking soup to work on a day like today is a given. We want something warming, soothing and filling.

But carrying a tin on the commute is annoying, they can get heavy which means that you'll get in a grump of a mood. Not that you're already in one on a Monday morning as it is.

Thankfully, Heinz have solved all of our problems, with the soup-tin dilemma and created the next generation of cup-soups which are purees, rather than powders.

The convenient, lightweight sachets can be easily popped into your pocket, bag or briefcase and come in the nations' numebr one choice, Cream of Tomato, plus Minestrone, Mediterranean Vegetable and Cream of Tomato with Basil.

Matthew Cullum, from Heinz Soup, says: "Offering great taste and full of goodness, our new range of Heinz Squeeze and Stir soups are leading the way when it comes to a new type of cup soup.

"We're confident that consumers will not only love the thick, velvety texture and delicious flavours but also the fact that because it's a puree, not a powder each one gives you one of your five a day."

They're available in major retailers from the end of July. RRP 59p per sachet.

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