VIDEO: Matt Dawson’s Smoked Haddock and Two Cheese Tart Recipe

VIDEO: Matt Dawson’s Smoked Haddock and Two Cheese Tart Recipe

After realising his talents in the kitchen, Matt Dawson has been a massive foodie ever since, and here he is showing us how to make a delightful smoked haddock and two cheese tart, enjoy!

Since winning Celebrity MasterChef back in 2006, Matt Dawson has now become a firm fixture in the culinary world. Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux, and so does Matt.

This winter the foodie becomes a Bordeaux wine lover: Matt shows Brits how to match great food with great Bordeaux wines without breaking the bank. Discover culinary passion with a series of cooking demos that will introduce you to the versatility of Bordeaux wines and endless pairing possibilities for any occasion.

Matt has fond memories of Bordeaux that date back to his teenage days when he spent Easters playing rugby against the local side, Bordeaux Bègles, and enjoying the hospitality of host families.

Food and wine are central to Bordeaux-style life, but back then Matt had no idea food was going to become his central focus after hanging up his boots. This self-confessed foodie now has time to devote to his great passion. Being able to match his own recipes to a selection of Bordeaux wines is a labour of love that takes Matt back to those memorable Easters in Bordeaux.

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