Blizzard has officially confirmed that its new character Orisa will be in 'Overwatch' starting next week.

Blizzard confirm new character Orisa

Blizzard confirm new character Orisa

The gaming firm made the announcement in an official release on Tuesday (14.03.17), which showed the character in a behind-the-scenes video where it also revealed that Orisa's release date will be March 21 - across all platforms.

Until then, Orisa is currently available on 'Overwatch's test servers.

Orisa is described as a new tank character - a symbol of hope and protection - who is capable of raising formidable shields.

She carries a machine called a "fusion driver" and she wields protective barriers to block damage, and can toss out a Supercharger that boosts the damage of multiple allies at once (much more powerful than Mercy's boost).

She's also privy to an ability called Halt!, where she shoots a Zarya-style graviton charge that slows nearby enemies - a charge that she also detonates.

She becomes the third hero to join the game since it's launch, following Sombra and Ana.