Blizzard are reportedly set to launch a new "global diversity and inclusion initiative" to increase the representation of more demographics.

Blizzard's Starcraft game

Blizzard's Starcraft game

According to an internal memo obtained by Kotaku, the initiative would look to recruit more women and minority groups to the company - who are behind games like 'World of Warcraft' and 'Overwatch' - because they are said to be underrepresented.

It would also seek to improve the working environment for these groups, while Blizzard CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime is said to have noted in the email that women make up just 21 per cent of their workforce with minority groups even lower at 14 per cent.

According to the website, Mike's memo said: "[Female developers] leave our organization at a higher rate than men."

He added that this is in line with the industry as a whole, and explained there are no plans for "quotas" for hiring - although they would work with organisations such as Girls Who Code and other groups to find suitable candidates.

Continuing in the email sent to employees, he is said to have written: "Our diversity initiative will require a commitment from every one of us, but especially from our leaders, managers, and hiring teams.

"We appreciate your dedication to help Blizzard achieve this goal."