Car Town

Car Town

Lauren Omond from TeePee Games brings us her roundup of all things games - new discoveries, gossip and more!

Car Town

When it comes to cars, most people’s minds will drift off to their 'dream' vehicle. Whether it’s a silver Vauxhall Astra or red Lamborghini Gallardo, Car Town provides you with the chance to own your favourite car.

The game’s developer has signed deals with loads of big manufacturers so you can pretty much purchase any kind of car in the game, all of which can subsequently be kitted out and painted to your tastes.

In Car Town, the main objective is to customise, collect and race cars against friends and rivals from across your Facebook network. To buy items and cars you’ll need to collect in-game coins which can be earned through running your very own garage servicing other players’ cars.

Here you’ll undertake jobs such as installing fuzzy dice, doing oil changes or cleaning cars. If you want to earn even more coins, you can hire your friends to work in your garage, allowing you to purchase additional car bays and service more cars.

One purpose of customising and upgrading cars is to make them perform better in races, which take place on drag strips and are one of the more prominent aspects in Car Town.

The controls are easy to pick up as you manoeuvre the car with the directional keys and speed up by clicking the accelerator and change gears when prompted. The races don’t take up too much time and are really fun to play against friends.

Petrol head Lauren’s verdict: Car Town is a fun and enjoyable game that provides a new social angle, this time based on cars and it works really well. The name may put some people off, but once you’ve started you’ll be hooked just like I am!

Sorority Life

Ever wondered what life would be like living in an American college sorority house? I know I have, and with the help of Playdom’s’ latest game Sorority Life, you can now go through the ultimate college experience.

Sorority Life allows you to live the fabulous life of a sorority sister. Hit the mall to buy all the latest fashion trends for your customisable avatar, organise social events to gain popularity and level up to become the most popular girl on campus.

In order to gain money you’ll need to get a job, which usually involves working as a dog walker, babysitter, taking on odd jobs or holding events. Some jobs and events will offer you a mini-game to play which can vary from hidden object to match-3 types - a great spin on the game!

Those with a mean girl streak can also get into fights with rival players to steal their cash and lower their confidence, which in turn allows you to gain influence and climb up the social ladder.

Overall it’s a very enjoyable game to play, the graphics are pleasant and it’s a great new way to interact with your friends and socialise with others.

House President Lauren’s Verdict: I love Sorority Life and I’m sure everyone reading will as well. You should definitely give it a try!

TeePee Games Charts

The most popular games played via the portal and TeePee Games Facebook applications, for week ending 16th January 2012 are:

1) Monkey Quest
2) Car Town
3) Plants vs. Zombies
4) Bubble Popp
5) MMA Pro Fighter
6) Jungle Jewels
7) Godfather: Five Families
8) Dragons of Atlantis
9) Age of Conan: Unchained
10) Monopoly Millionaires

Game gossip - This week in gaming

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) rolled into Las Vegas last week, showcasing all the latest gadgets and technological innovations for the coming year. One of my favourite things is by Californian firm Liquifel who have produced a nano coating for electronic devices that make them waterproof.

We’ll finally be able to play games and make calls on our mobile phones in the shower and bath without worry.

There’s good news for cooking enthusiasts as French company Qooq are due to release a new kitchen-proof tablet computer later this year. The device is held off the ground by feet which allow liquids to run underneath it and is pretty tough too considering it can withstand temperatures of up to 60C.

So when you have that spare five minutes in the Kitchen you’ll be able finish that Facebook game you were playing just before you started cooking. Fans of French cuisine will be pleased to hear that they’ll be able to purchase a subscription to access a multimedia library of thousands of recipes by French chefs.

And finally Samsung has announced what is possibly the cleverest TV in the known universe. Its latest LED television can be operated with gestures and voice control, and will be able to recognise you by using its facial recognition features - a bit like the Kinect for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The new TV will be able to understand 20 different languages and will bring the never-ending quest to find the remote control to a close.