Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has joined the new 'Call of Duty' game.

The Irish professional mixed martial artist has set tongues wagging after he shared behind-the-scenes footage of him developing his character for the forthcoming title.

The video, which was posted on Maclife, shows the 28-year-old athlete being kitted out with the gear before he threw on his head set and points his weapon at his co-star.

McGregor teased his role in the game 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' on his Twitter account on Thursday (15.09.16).

He wrote: "When the biggest need the baddest to do work, I answer the call. Keep an eye on @CallofDuty tomorrow. #ad

"A crazy experience! #TheMacLife #CallOfDuty #InfiniteWarfare (sic)"

Meanwhile, the 'Call of Duty' franchise, which was first released in 2003, has been the most consistently successful game in the world.

Earlier this year, Activision - an American video game publisher - revealed that 'Call of Duty' has now surpassed over $15 billion in sales since its launch 13 years ago.

And the publisher has confirmed that its not planning to stop after 'Infinite Warfare' and will always produce games.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick told Marketplace: "We've had 'Call of Duty' games played on virtually every console for the last 14 years.

"So the idea of having a game that centers around armed conflict through never run out of ideas for 'Call of Duty' games. There will always be 'Call of Duty' games. And they'll be played on a variety of devices."