'Destiny 2's long-term support will be more robust than its predecessor, according to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The tech executive has admitted he wasn't satisfied with the way 'Destiny' was supported with expansions after it was released in 2014 - and he has stressed that things will be different the second time around.

He said: "I have not been happy with the cadence [of new content]. We got a lot right with 'Destiny 1', but one of the things we didn't do was keep up with the demand for new content."

Hirshberg admitted that there is a need and an ambition at Activision to meet the demands of video game enthusiasts with the second 'Destiny' release.

Speaking to GamesIndustry. biz, Hirshberg explained: "I feel like that, as great as [expansions] 'The Dark Below', 'House of Wolves', 'The Taken King' and 'Rise of Iron' all are, clearly there was appetite for more."

And looking forward to the release of 'Destiny 2', he teased: "One of the things you'll see post the launch of 'Destiny 2', is that we have got additional AAA developers from inside the Activision ecosystem working with Bungie on 'Destiny' content, including 'Vicarious Visions' and 'High Moon'.

"That will allow us to keep an even more robust pipeline of content in the ecosystem."