The trailer for video game 'Everything' could be nominated for an Academy Award.



David OReilly's open world simulator was released in March for PlayStation 4 , PC and Mac and allows players to explore a procedurally generated universe and become various objects within it ranging from the sub-atomic level to larger items.

Each selected object can then interact with other objects to create unique behaviours.

The 11-minute promo for the game showcases the interconnected nature of the pixelated world and life in all its stages and forms and was overdubbed with a speech from renowned British philosopher Alan Watts and it could be eligible to be put forward for the Oscar for Best Short Film.

The 'Everything' promo has already won the Jury Prize for Animation at this year's Vienna Shorts Film Festival.

OReilly has previous cinematic experience as he created the holographic video game scenes in Spike Jonze's 2013 sci-fi drama 'Her'.