The 'Football Manager' video game is to be recognised in a new exhibit at the National Video Game Arcade in Nottingham, England.

Football Manager

Football Manager

The popular simulation series, which allows sports fans to control their favourite soccer teams, and its cultural impact is to be recognised by 'Football Manager: The Beautiful Exhibition', which will open on September 8.

A statement explained: "The exhibition is going to be full of exclusive items from the Sports Interactive archives, featuring design documents, research schemes and creative materials which have never been seen before.

"One of the most complex, comprehensive simulations ever to be loved by the public, this exhibition is going to explain how it works, how it's grown and how that all important final score is decided."

Meanwhile, Miles Jacobson, a director at the game's developer Sports Interactive', has welcomed the news.

He said: "Everyone on the SI team is hugely proud that a game which we started work on more than 25 years ago has now become a genuine cultural phenomenon.

"The fact that 'Football Manager' is now going to be celebrated through the staging of an exhibition at the National Video Game Arcade shows it's become part of the fabric of gaming life."