'FIFA 17' has sold 40 times more copies than its rival 'PES 2017'.

FIFA 17's Alex Hunter

FIFA 17's Alex Hunter

The hotly anticipated game - which is published by EA Sports - is currently sitting at the top spot in the UK gaming charts, five places ahead of its rival 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2017', published and developed by Konami.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, who goes by the Twitter handle, @ZhugeEX, commented: "Remember how every year everyone says that this could be the year PES beats FIFA? FIFA 17 first week sales >40x more than PES in the UK ...

"Yes. That is more than 40x more. FIFA 17 sold over 1.1 million units in its first week in the UK. (sic)"

FIFA 17 was unveiled last week to rave reviews from fans across the globe, with one of the interesting new features including the storyline mode, The Journey.

'FIFA 17' producer Aaron McHardy commented: "There were a couple of things that inspired us to make The Journey. We knew we needed a new mode in the game and we've been looking at that for some time. But the start of that conversation was actually some years ago. We'd done some research with our fans and what they were telling us was that a single player narrative-driven, cinematic-style mode is something they've been wanting, so we knew it was something that we wanted to create."

The Journey features fictional footballer Alex Hunter, who users can guide through his first step into the world of Premier League football.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the character, Aaron added: "We looked at the world of football and we looked at the makeup of the leagues and the young players that were coming up. We picked a character that we think is representative of that ...

"I think we're fortunate enough this year to talk about Dele Alli and Marcus Rashford and these other young guys that are coming out who are basically living what we were trying to capture with The Journey. They're all living that [journey] this season."