Jonathan Ross is developing a new video game.

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

The 56-year-old chat show host is a massive gamer and has made no secret of the fact that along with comic books and movies it is one of his favourite hobbies.

Ross - whose wife is 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' screenwriter Jane Goldman - has been designing a top secret adventure with a big entertainment company.

Jonathan admitted to The Sun: "I'm developing [a game] at the moment but I can't talk about it because it's for a big company. I'm consulting on it.

"I like video games. I think they're great. It's a really exciting part of story-telling. They're as much fun as going to see a movie especially like action films or horror films."

Over the years, Ross has embraced all the new consoles and technology to improve gaming but he admits the new Virtual Reality systems have taken playing to a whole new level.

Ross admits VR horror games are too much for him to take and he gets tired having to control his pixelated characters with physical movements.

He shared: "In fact I find a lot of the horror games I play in VR too scary! I played one called 'Arizona Sunshine' and I had to stop after three minutes it was that scary. The only problem is at my age I have to play them sitting down cause I find them too tiring."

Ross has featured in two games before.

In 2007 he appeared as a UNSC Marine in Xbox first-person shooter 'Halo 3' and in 2010 his likeness and voice were used for the character Barry Hatch in 'Fable III'.

He also designed and

In 2013, he designed and released iOS autorunner title 'Catcha Catcha Aliens!' in which you had to "clear planets of alien invaders" in a "fast, fun game of skill and endurance".