The Nintendo Classic Mini NES has gone back on sale at Tesco and Argos as UK gamers hunt for the console for Christmas.

Nintendo Classic Mini NES

Nintendo Classic Mini NES

The palm-sized remodelling of the classic 80s 8-bit machine has proved to be the most sought-after gaming gadget ahead of this festive season and many shoppers desperate to get their hands on one of the grey boxes have had to resort to paying up to three times the £50 RRP from re-sellers on eBay and Amazon.

Tesco Direct sent emails out to customers that the must-have machine is back in stock and although the units they had sold out in a matter of minutes the retailer is due to get more consoles in.

According to the Stock Informer website, Argos also has Nintendo Classic Mini NES stock and will be looking to the manufacturer to keep sending more across.

The console is a smaller replica version of the retro console which played a huge part in making home gaming a fixture of most households across the UK, US and Japan.

It comes with 30 great games - all with save options - from the decade built-in, including all three 'Super Mario Bros.' titles, 'Castlevania', 'The Legend of Zelda' and 'Punch-Out!!'.

The controllers are exactly the same as the original rectangular, two-button pads that came with the NES and there is even a display option to present the pixels as though they were being run through a fuzzy tube television set from the 80s for the ultimate nostalgic experience.