The Nintendo NX could be "dead in the water."

Famed gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter believes the forthcoming console, which is expected to launch next March, could be in trouble if bosses fail to price it appropriately.

Talking to Gaming Bolt, Mr. Pachter said: "If it's a console and costs $199, it will sell extremely well; if it's a handheld and costs $399, it's dead in the water.

"The odds are that it's something in between, but I don't want to guess until I see what it is."

And he isn't the only one fearing for the console's success at UK retailers have also warned Nintendo that it'll only sell in stores if the price is kept below £200.

A major buyer said: "The games industry sorely misses a strong Nintendo. If the NX reports are true, I'm optimistic.

"But only if the machine is significantly cheaper than PS4 and Xbox One. NX could be exactly what the market needs.

"A £150 to £200 price point would guarantee a far stronger start than either the Wii U or 3DS."

It's believed the NX will come with detachable handheld controllers and will also see a return to the cartridges rather than users having to download their games.