Nintendo Switch has been given a new mysterious update.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The official Nintendo patch note states that the update available for download, 2.3.0, improves the user experience.

It reads: "General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience," reads the Nintendo patch notes.

Meanwhile, website has reported, in a since taken down article, that the console is expected to rake in £13 million by April this year.

It was recently reported that Switch owners could soon be able to stream PC games on the console.

It's no secret that the developers behind Rainway app want to bring their software to the Switch console and using the Nintendo eShop download would allow Switch owners to stream PC games to their handheld console via the internet.

And now Rainway had teased that it has some exciting news coming up, when it took to Twitter to say: "We received an update from Nintendo today and we hope to have some good news for you soon".

It's not confirmed whether this news is about the app, but it's hoped that more information will be revealed at the upcoming E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles.

If the app were to go ahead it would spell the end of a need for a Switch-specific release, which means games like the newest 'Call of Duty' or 'Grand Theft Auto' titles could be played directly on Switch through the app. Players would simply leave their PC on and play the game via the Switch console.

It is thought that any game that comes Steam would work on the Switch, via the Rainway app.

But the app has multi-uses - it could also act as a stand-in for other PC apps, like a web browser and even possibly