The Pokemon Company has shut down a fan-made 'Minecraft' 'Pokemon' game.

Pixelmon has been shut down

Pixelmon has been shut down

'Pixelmon', which is a fan-made mod for 'Minecraft' that recreates the 'Pokémon' series inside the game, is to go offline after more than five years of operation, because the Pokemon Company opposes the concept.

The news has been confirmed by 'Pixelmon' creator MrMasochism, who said: "It's been a great ride. With much sadness, but keeping all our fond memories, we must announce that Pixelmon is ending its development.

"We have had a great time making this mod and creating such a wonderful community but after a request from The Pokémon Company we will be shutting our doors.

"I'm sorry for the disappointment this will cause but let's remember all the great times we had playing Pixelmon, discussing Pokémon, making awesome things inside this mod and everything else that we've done."

While links to the download have already been removed, MrMasochism is remaining upbeat about the overall situation.

The statement continued: "All good things come to an end eventually and now is our time. However there are always more things to do, to be a part of and to enjoy.

"Keep going out there to find fun projects to be a part of and other great things to invest your time and enthusiasm into."