'Adventure Week' is coming to 'Pokemon Go' this month.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

The new special event has been created by developers Niantic to encourage gamers to get outside in the sun this summer searching for fossil-based monster; Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl and other uncommon creatures.

During the week the will become more common

It kicks off on May 18 at 1pm. PT until May 25 .

That will mean users will have a total of seven days to catch the catch the rock-type collections.

To help them PokéStops will give out more items and there will be shorter distances for buddy Pokemon to grab candy.

To mark the week each user will be given their very own Adventure Hat.

Previously the popular augmented reality game started a week long event, entitled 'Eggstravaganza', designed to let players celebrate the Christian holiday of Easter with a slew of pocket monster-based fun.

Prior to that, the app's last special event was the Water Festival, which allowed users to catch special rare shiny versions of Magikarp, which appeared to be bright yellow instead of the usual red colour.

In addition, the shiny Magikarp could be evolved using 400 candies, which would transform it into the shiny version of Gyarados, which is red instead of blue.