'Pokemon Go' players have walked more than 100 billion steps in three months.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

According to a paper by Microsoft Research, gamers added an estimated 144 billion steps to the United States' collective physical activity, an increase of 1,473 steps a day on average, by playing the game, in which players have to catch the pocket monsters out in the real world.

The report estimates that should the title continue to be as popular as it is now, the game could add an estimated 2,825 million years to the human life span in the US, IGN reports.

The paper monitored 32,000 users' activity over three months "through a combination of signals from large-scale corpora of wearable sensor data and search engine logs to quantify the impact of 'Pokemon Go' on physical activity".

A 25 per cent increase in activity was found, as well as an increase in the physical activity of males and females, "including those with low prior physical activity".

This comes after Dr. Margaret McCartney commended 'Pokemon Go' for encouraging gamers to exercise.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, she praised the fact that the smartphone app pushes people to exercise, despite not being sold as a health app.

The Glasgow GP said: "Most health apps that promote physical activity tend to get users who want to be healthy.

"'Pokemon Go' isn't marketed as a health app, but players still end up doing a lot of walking."