'Rainbow Six Siege' developers have changed Glaz and plan other adjustments.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's first-person tactical shooter video game is about to get an upgrade as part of the upcoming mid-season reinforcements update, starting from Wednesday (15.03.17), as reported on developer Ubisoft's official blog.

Gameplay features a character called Timur "Glaz" Glazkov who lost a sniper competition to an Operator named Galanos, from Greece. After chatting to Galanos about her attachment technology - Glaz now boasts an upgraded scope that gives players a new layer of thermal visual feedback when shooting down sights. The feedback even appears if the defender is obscured by smoke, but will only work if Glaz has line-of-sight to the target and it doesn't work through walls.

In addition, other operators are getting buffs to their special abilities which will make them more useful in the field - for instance Doc will now be able to overhaul to 140 HP instead of 120 HP in the hope that it will benefit firefight.

And Buck will get an extra magazine for his Skeleton Key underbarrel shotgun.

There are also a number of weapon balancing changes on the way too - the biggest of them all is a size reduction of the reticles on the red dot, reflex and holo sights. It aims to give players better precision after the realignment of sights implemented with Operation Velvet Shell.

Other changes include:

The DMR's maximum trigger rate has been lowered to prevent very rapid firing

Echo's MP5SD2 does more damage at medium range

Thermite's 556xi is easier to control

Caveira's Luison's damage dropoff has been tweaked

Jackal's C7E's recoil is getting balanced

Capitao's PARA-308 is getting a recoil buff

Rainbow Six Siege developers have likened the game tweaks to changing a car tyre on a vehicle whilst it's in motion.

As a result of the complexities, the team is set to launch a technical test server in the weeks following the reinforcements in order to concentrate their efforts on refining technical systems and adding new features - the first of which will be a streamlined matchmaking process.

More information on the timing and progress of these projects will be available in coming weeks.

'Rainbow Six Siege' is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.