SEGA has again teased that 'Vanquish' is coming to PC.

Sega teaser image (c) Twitter

Sega teaser image (c) Twitter

Following the release of 'Bayonetta Steam', the video game company has been dropping hints that the 2010 third-person shooter - created by PlatinumGames - is about to be ported to the PC.

A screen shot posted on the official Sega Twitter page contains the numbers "05," suggesting the game could be coming to PC sometime this month.

Just a few days ago Sega tweeted an image with the year "2017" included within it and fans are anticipating another image will be unveiled in the next few days with more information about the highly anticipated release.

Rumors of a PC port of 'Vanquish' have been swirling since last summer, when Platinum co-founder Atsushi Inaba discussed the project in an interview.

Gamers who purchased the PC version of 'Bayonetta' - another PlatinumGames title - found another clue within the game; an avatar of 'Vanquish' protagonist Sam Gideon in the game's Extras folder.