Sue Perkins is set to lend her voice to 'EarthShape'.

Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins

The 'Great British Bake Off' co-host - who is set to quit the show when it moves to Channel 4 - has already landed her next gig as the voice over for the upcoming virtual reality video game, which is part of Google's Daydream platform.

Speaking to about the game, developer Mike Bithell - who created 'Thomas Was Alone' and 'Volume' - said: "[It is a] little arcadey puzzler."

And the comedic presenter - who has joined the creative team including Russell Shaw and animator Tim Borelli on the entertaining device - has admitted she is already a fan of the game.

She tweeted: "I love this game (sic)."

The forthcoming programme will follow an astronaut, called StarSeeker, leave planet Earth behind to embark on a new adventure to the universe where he will attempt to create a new habitable planet.

Mike is keen to keep more precise details about 'EarthShape' under wraps, although he has teased his latest invention is "rather cool".

He explained: "I am very excited; that may be coming across.

"Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing more about the project. I think we've made something rather cool."

Meanwhile, Mike's puzzle game 'Volume' is being tweaked to suit the PlayStation VR, which is set to hit stores this month.

The additional downloadable content (DLC) will be free of charge to all gamers who already own the the 'Volume' game on PlayStation 4.

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