A new 'Super Mario' game is on the way.

Super Mario

Super Mario

'Super Mario Level Up! is a new 3D board game, which is expected to be released via USAopoly later this year.

A description of the game reads: "In Super Mario Level Up! join Mario and his pals as you advance them up the Mushroom Kingdom while challenging other players to gather the most coins and reach the castle at the top.

"Each player starts with a unique lineup of characters that they are trying to score the most points with. Players take turns moving any character up the board until a character gets to the top.

"Once a character is advanced to the top board, players vote to see if the character stays or is kicked off the Mushroom Kingdom. It only takes one NO vote to get them off the board. And players should use the NO votes wisely as each player only has 2 NO votes in their hand. The round ends when the character is unanimously voted to stay at the top.

"Score up your points and play another round. Game ends after 3 rounds."

Meanwhile, it is expected that 'Super Mario Odyssey' will be featured on Nintendo Switch along with other 2017 titles like 'Xenoblade Chronicles 2' and 'Fire Emblem Warriors'

In a recent interview, Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development General Manager, Shinya Takahashi revealed that Nintendo is preparing multiple new IPs - new franchises that are not sequels to existing games, although they may include some character established previously.

This is rumoured to include a game that take unique advantage of the Switch's Joy-Cons, which has been the focus for new IPs 1-2-Switch and the forthcoming ARMS.