The Nintendo Switch has become the company's fastest-selling video game system ever in the US, new figures show.

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch

Data has confirmed that the much-discussed console sold 906,000 units in March, thereby putting it ahead of the Wii U, which sold 890,000 in its first five weeks, on the all-time list.

The sales figure is considered to be especially impressive because it has been accomplished in March, rather than in the build up to Christmas, which is typically considered to be the best time of the year to launch a new console.

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's president and Chief Operating Officer, said: "Nintendo always strives to offer consumers something fun, new and different.

"With its various play modes and the innovative features of the Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo Switch provides unique experiences that people can take with them anywhere and share with anyone."

The firm said, too, that it is continually striving to meet consumer demand for the console.

Prior to the release of the device, Nintendo said it expected to sell "two million" Nintendo Switch copies in the first month of it going on sale.

Fils-Aimé previously said: "Two million for essentially the first month is a huge number, especially when you look and see that this is not peak seasonality.

"This is essentially the first three weeks of March.

"Our focus is making sure that the consumer who wants to buy a Nintendo Switch can buy a Nintendo Switch."